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Tony Kostas


Led Into Love

In 1970, at the age of 28, God gave Tony Kostas a most unexpected direction, sending him from his home in Melbourne, Australia, to Moscow, Russia, on an incredible seven-month journey of faith and love.

Faith, because he constantly experienced the joy and the reward of believing God. Love, because having begun his journey as a servant, he was transformed into a lover.

For the first time in his life, he experienced a desire to share in Jesus’ sufferings, and found the freedom that comes from believing God without ever needing an outcome.

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The Ultimate Attainment

IMG - Book The Ultimate Attainment

The message of this small book is for those who desire an intimate relationship with God above everything else. It is not for those seeking to get the most out of God for the least price. Neither is it for the self-satisfied or self-indulgent.

God is looking for people who will gladly give all for the privilege of pleasing Him. He seeks those who want heart-to-heart relationship rather than benefits. They are the ones whose eyes He opens, leading them into the beautiful discovery of the ultimate attainment.

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Book: Led Into Love